Application packages are now submitted online.

Applications for the April 1, 2018 deadline will open February 12, 2018.

Do not set up a new online account if your organization already has one created.

  1. Log into your Peyton Anderson Foundation Grant portal, or if you do not have an account, fill out the log in information to create a grantee account with The Peyton Anderson Foundation. This account will be used to track your grant process through the full term of the grant, whether it is approved or denied.
  2. Complete the online application, with electronic signature from executive director.
  3. Personal narrative not to exceed 2 pages typed in the space provided on the online application. The narrative should:
    • Briefly summarize the organization’s history, mission and goals. Give a description of current programs, activities and accomplishments.
    • State the purpose of the grant. List the needs/problems to be addressed; a description of target population and how they will benefit. What are the projects goals, measurable objectives, and time table for implementation?
    • State whether this is a new or ongoing project. List the other partners, if any and their roles. Define the long term strategies for funding this project at the end of the grant period.
    • Explain the plans for evaluating how success will be defined and measured. How will evaluation results be used and if appropriate how the program will be replicated.
    • Acknowledge similar projects or agencies, if any, and explain how this agency or proposal differs, and what effort will be made to work cooperatively.
  4. Project budget summary including all revenue sources and expenses utilizing a Peyton Anderson Foundation Project Budget Form (also included on the online application).
  5. Two (2) letters of support are needed. Please see the application for instructions regarding submission of support letters.
  6. Minimum of two (2) estimates, if appropriate, for the project.
  7. Statement from the organization’s Board authorizing the request and agreeing to complete the project funded. Please see the application for instructions regarding submission of Board authorization.
  8. List of the organization’s Board of Directors/Trustees, their individual terms of office, affiliations, and their individual percentage of participation in the Board meetings.
  9. Organization’s current annual operating budget. This is not the same as the project budget requested above. A Peyton Anderson Foundation Operating Budget Form is provided on the online application. Do not include bank statements.
  10. Current valid letter of qualification from the Internal Revenue Service evidencing that your organization is qualified as a Section 501(c)(3) organization and not a private foundation. The letter must be current within the last ten years. There is an upload button on the application that will allow you to upload your letter of qualification. Under the terms of the trust, grants may not be made to individuals.
  11. Most recent annual financial statement, independently audited, or two most recently completed IRS Form 990 parts I and IV. There is an upload button on the application that will allow you to upload your financial statements.

Please do not include any forms or information other than what is required above. Applicants will be contacted if more information is needed. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Under no circumstances, should an applicant contact a Trustee of the Foundation. You will receive an acknowledgement email after your proposal is received.

Peyton Anderson Foundation Grantee Portal

The Peyton Anderson Foundation is currently transitioning to a new online grant management system.



Instructions will be emailed to you if applicable.

Contact Chenza at if you have any questions.