When awarded a grant, you must furnish the following reports to the Trustees regarding the progress made in accomplishing the grant purpose(s):

  • Mid-Year Report
  • Completion/Final Report
  • Final Budget

In addition, you must submit evidence (including receipts) that this project has been completed within sixty days after depletion of the grant funds or one year from the date of your grant letter.

We need to hear from you if:

  • Your 501(c)(3) status has been revoked or changed
  • You would like to use funds for a different purpose or project other than the one(s) indicated in your proposal
  • You have remaining grant funds at the end of the grant period
  • You would like an extension to complete your project and/or expend all of your grant funds
  • Your organization changes its address or phone number
  • Your organization acquires a new Executive Director or a new Director of the project for which you have received Peyton Anderson Foundation support


Chenza Geiser, Project Manager
The Peyton Anderson Foundation
577 Mulberry Street, Suite 830
Macon, Georgia 31201
Email –


Do not create a new online account.  One has already been set up for your organization.  Please see email for log on information or call the Foundation for further support.  

Mid-Year Report

Completion / Final Report and Final Budget