Up to $500,000 Available for Educators for Ideas to Inspire the Classroom – Grant awards will be $250 to $10,000


The Peyton Anderson Foundation celebrates what would be its founding benefactor Peyton T. Anderson, Jr.’s 110th birthday in April 2017 by announcing the Teach to Inspire Project.

Mr. Anderson placed a high value on education and opportunities to seek – and inspire – knowledge. The Foundation recognizes the importance of student engagement and how educators are in constant search of creative, innovative and sometimes self-funded ways to help students excel in the classroom.

The Teach to Inspire Project provides creative resource grants for Bibb County public school educators. The Project is designed to empower Bibb County educators to bring their best ideas forward, with the ultimate goal of realizing potential and expanding opportunities.

The Foundation applauds the Bibb County School District and its mission to develop a highly trained staff and an engaged community dedicated to educating each student for a 21st century global society. The vision is for each student to demonstrate strength of character and to be college or career ready.

Through the Teach to Inspire Project (TIP), the Foundation seeks to inspire educators in Macon-Bibb County by contributing additional monies to support extraordinary efforts. These resources will not just fulfill classroom requirements. Funded projects will be designed to empower classrooms – to go beyond and take learning to the next level. This grant is a compass to discover the love of learning and, ultimately, create unforgettable moments that inspire educators and their students, long after the school year is over.

The Foundation is seeking out proposals for micro-grants that directly benefit the students and teachers of Macon-Bibb. Successful grant ideas will:

  • Demonstrate innovative, unique and efficient ideas to meet the needs of educating Macon-Bibb County students within the approved curriculum;
  • Contribute to more meaningful educational experiences;
  • Have a lasting impact;
  • Benefit the most students.


Grant Application



  • Micro-grants will only be made to those applicants who have completely executed an online proposal form and have supplied the required documentation.
  • Applicants must be full-time educators employed by a Macon-Bibb County public school or charter school. They cannot be a principal, administrator, staff developer, substitute, volunteer or student teacher.
  • The applicant must spend 75 percent of their time working directly with the students.
  • Eligible applicants may request $250 – $10,000 per project. In unique circumstances, there will be occasional consideration for grants over $10,000
  • Only one application per person will be accepted.
  • The Peyton Anderson Foundation reserves the right to attach conditions to micro-grants as circumstances warrant.
  • The Foundation may require additional information or an interview. If a proposal is not within the giving interest of the Foundation, the applicant will be notified.
  • The principal of each school will be responsible for the supervision of the expenditures and the completion of the approved project.
  • A final report, complete with receipts and proof of implementation is required upon completion of the project. Implementation proof can be in the form of photographs or videos.


  • Proposals will only be accepted from schools listed in the online application.
  • No grants will be given to individuals. Grant awards will be paid directly to the school.
  • No grant may be used for political lobbying or voter registration activities.
  • No sports or related events, booster clubs, or sponsorships will be considered.


  • June 11, 2017 – Deadline for Application
  • July 21, 2017 – Decision Date
  • July 26, 2017 (tentative) – Award Announcement

Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

Business Technology
Computer Science
Foreign Language
Government and Economics

Home Management/Life Skills
Honors or AP Programs
Language Arts

Physical Education
Resource Programs
Social Studies
Special Education
Speech and Debate
Study Skills

Inspiration for Projects Ideas (but are not limited to):

Art Inspiration – Supplies, Tools and Creative Visuals to Display Art in Action
Media Inspiration – Headphones, Go Pro Cams and Playback Tools
STEM Inspiration – Project supplies, Microscopes, Science Kits, Ozobots, Math Manipulative Sets and Lab Experiments 
Physical Inspiration – Wobble Chairs, Yoga Mats, Sensory Toys and Motion Makers
Language Inspiration – Phonics Teaching Tools, Books, Visual Aids and Audio Supplies
Music Inspiration – Instruments, Recording Equipment, Microphones and Ways to Play and Share Music

Eligible Schools:

Academy of Classical Education
Alexander II Magnet
Appling Middle
Ballard Hudson Middle
Bernd Elementary
Brookdale Elementary
Bruce Elementary
Burdell-Hunt Magnet
Carter Elementary
Central High
Cirrus Academy
Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary
Elam Alexander Academy
Georgia Academy for the Blind

Hartley Elementary
Heard Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Howard High
Howard Middle
Hutching College and Career Academy
Ingram-Pye Elementary
Lane Elementary
Miller Magnet
Northeast High
Northwoods Academy
Porter Elementary
Riley Elementary
Rutland High

Rutland Middle
Skyview Elementary
SOAR Academy
Southfield Elementary
Southwest High
Springdale Elementary
Taylor Elementary
Union Elementary
Veteran’s Elementary
Vineville Academy of the Arts
Weaver Middle
Westside High
Williams Elementary


  • Use the Bibb County Board of Education’s EID number 58-6000191. If you are with a charter school, please use your school’s specific EID number.
  • The organization’s name is the name of your school.
  • Please use the school’s address and phone number.
  • For Executive Director, use your school principal’s name.


Call the Peyton Anderson Foundation at 478-743-5359 or email Chenza Geiser at vlgeiser@pafdn.org, if you have any questions regarding the Teach to Inspire program.