The Peyton Anderson Foundation

The Peyton Anderson Foundation was formed to distribute funds from the estate of Peyton T. Anderson, Jr., based on his desire to improve and impact the communities of his hometown region.  When Mr. Anderson died on April 24, 1988, he directed in his will that the bulk of his estate be used broadly for charitable purposes.

“The money I have is not mine. It’s not mine because this money was made in the community, and it was made because the community flourished,” he said. “Therefore, I was able to flourish and this money rightfully should go back into the well-being of the community.”

He instructed the Trustees to give to “good-doers,” instead of “do-gooders.” The Peyton Anderson Foundation today carries out these wishes and serves as a lasting memorial to a man whose goodwill lives on long after him.

Since its inception in 1989, the Peyton Anderson Foundation has invested more than $122.6 million in Central Georgia, touching the lives of thousands. In its history, it led the effort to establish other non-profit organizations to extend that impact – both the Community Foundation of Central Georgia and NewTown Macon have been among the most successful.

With each grant funded and project completed, the Foundation continues the vision of Peyton Anderson, Jr. to improve lives and meet the needs of the local community.  The Foundation responds to requests for funding from local nonprofit organizations. Grants are awarded in the program areas of arts and culture, community development, education, health and human services.

In recognition of its 20th anniversary, the Foundation launched the Peyton Anderson Scholars  program. The hands-on program awards college scholarships to highly promising Bibb County high school seniors who demonstrate academic promise, strong character, community involvement and financial need.

The Peyton Anderson Foundation serves as a lasting memorial to a man whose goodwill lives on long after him. Peyton Anderson’s larger-than-life persona was an inspiration to many. Thanks to his good fortune, you, too, can leave your mark on Macon by getting involved with the many game-changing, good-doing projects the Foundation supports.