Peyton Anderson Foundation 30-Day Challenge

The Peyton Anderson Foundation announced the winners of the 30-Day Challenge in August 2019.

The Foundation thanks everyone who stepped up to the Challenge and completed 30 days of local service and engagement. All of the entries were inspiring!

The winning entries were randomly drawn from the pool of completed applications.

Because we were so inspired, the Peyton Anderson Foundation made the decision to DO even more GOOD and pick EIGHT winners to receive $3,000 each to donate to their designated charities. That’s $24,000 donated from good-doers in our community to non-profit organizations, also doing good in our community!

The winners were:


In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, the Peyton Anderson Foundation issued a summer challenge to the community to be a “good-doer” and perform 30 days of service and community engagement.  The Peyton Anderson Foundation 30-Day Challenge took place from July 1st to 30th, 2019. Three completed entries were randomly selected and winning entries were awarded $3,000 each to a charity of their choice. A bonus grand prize for the charity of choice was awarded to Brittany Lightsey, based on the quality of the entry.