Teach to Inspire

Congratulations to our Bibb County Teachers who Received $532,875.57 in Grant Funding for their Innovative Classroom Ideas!

The Teach to Inspire Project (TIP), in honor of what would be Peyton Anderson’s 110th birthday, was designed to empower Bibb County educators and support extraordinary classroom efforts.

The Foundation applauds the Bibb County School District and its mission to develop a highly trained staff and an engaged community dedicated to educating each student for a 21st century global society.

These funded projects are designed to empower classrooms – to go beyond and take learning to the next level and, ultimately, create unforgettable moments that inspire educators and their students, long after the 2017-2018 school year is over.

Academy for Classical Education

  • Roban Johnson – Journalism JumpStart!
  • Emily Lambert – Student Response System
  • Todd Lyon – Astronomy Class
  • Susan Morgan – ACE Library – Helping Students of All Ages Read and Grow
  • Donna Graham – Meeting the Needs of Advanced Learners, Virtual Field Trips and Extension of Learning Activities
  • Patricia Baser – Taking a Stand for Orchestra Community Outreach Performances

Alexander II Elementary

  • Amanda Erceg – Makey Makey: Exploring Physical Science through STEM Education
  • Brandi Malloy – Promoting Collaboration and a Flexible Environment in a 21st Century Media Center
  • Katina Kendrick – Alexander II Einsteins SOAR in the Program for Exceptional Children
  • Cheryl Sjoquist – Building Einsteins through Robotics

Brookdale Elementary

  • Bryndon Bush – iWrite
  • Demetria Buckner – Pawing Through a Good Book

Bruce Elementary

  • Sierra Wilson – PBIS at Bruce Elementary

Burdell-Hunt Elementary

  • Sarah Mayberry – Lights, Camera: Read and Lead!!!
  • Jas’min Coates – 21st Century Flexible Classroom

Sonny Carter Elementary

  • Cera Shell – Carter’s MotionMagix Room

Central High

  • Glenn Harman – Physics experiments utilizing sensor technology in cell phones
  • Savannah Walker – Ecocolumn Project
  • Michael Scott – Technology for the Arts, and the Arts for All
  • Tina Perkins – Outdoor Classroom/Garden
  • Bryanna Smalls – Making the Math Classroom Interactive
  • Yi’Sheika Bell – Back-to-Bibb

Cirrus Elementary

  • Lywante Bonner – All Around the World: Passport to Success

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

  • Emily Wood – Art Supplies
  • Tracey Baker – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Promethean Active Tables
  • Shalonnia Frazier-Bentley – Jump Start Literacy
  • Erin Vaclavik – Ceramics for Students
  • Monique May – Book Love
  • Frances Anderson – Fifth Grade Math Resources

Hartley Elementary

  • Paula Smith – Increasing Literacy
  • Cydney Teipel – Our Kids

Heard Elementary

  • Rita Velazquez – Robotics Lab
  • Elaine Deckbar – “Every Minute Counts!”
  • Ryan Douglas – The Improvisation Blues
  • Carla Cox – Computer Lab

Heritage Elementary

  • Thomas Côté – Heritage Science and STEAM Lab
  • Brittany Phillips – Sterntastic

Howard High

  • Amy Brand – Navigating a Complex Math Curriculum (AP Calculus BC)
  • Marissa Merrell – Navigating a Complex Math Curriculum (AP Statistics, Geometry, and Foundations)
  • Leslie Smith – Writing Beyond the Classroom: Teaching Autonomy through Publishing and Performing Creative Writing
  • Louisa Mcdonald – Science for ALL!
  • Marc Campos – Expansion of Laboratory Supplies

Howard Middle

  • Rachael Smith – Playing it Forward with “Mr. Anderson’s Apple Pie”
  • Karen Rackley – Howard is Mine (Craft)
  • Barbara Brown – “Change the World” – Mentorship Through 3D Printing
  • Eric Fuller – Howard Middle School’s Robotics Program

Hutchings College and Career Academy

  • Avery Durbin – Patient Communication Simulator
  • Joseph Finkelstein – Student Online Radio Station
  • Paige Welch – Coffee with a Cop

Ingram-Pye Elementary

  • Douglas Stewart – Ingram Pye Wildcats Quiz Bowl Team
  • Anna Halbrooks – Coding for Kids
  • Mallory Skurja – We like ink and printer supplies
  • Roxanne Oppy – Better Behavior Bubble Seats
  • Kimberly Lawson-Thomas – Fifth Graders Loving Literature
  • Whitney Phillips-Nunnally – I can HEAR!

Lane Elementary

  • Jane Hardy – Break out the Books!

Miller Magnate Middle

  • MacKenzie Hengler – Inspiring Through Performance

Northwoods Elemntary

  • Barbara Schultz – Smarty Ants – Achieve 3000

Porter Elemntary

  • Rebecca Erwin – Making the Media Center
  • Jayne Gammons – Time Portal: Transportation to Ancient Civilizations through Technology, STEAM Projects and Trips
  • Melinda Goggans – Super Stem Bins
  • Janice Holmes – DynaMath/New Path Learning
  • Christy Simmons – Stem vs. STEAM vs. STREAM
  • Shanita Bailey – Exploring the world through science
  • Keely Renfroe – Imagine Math
  • David Leskis – Kapla Building Blocks
  • Mary Rosher – Amazing Adventures of the Past Present and Future
  • Tracey Yates – Flexible Seating
  • Kelly Smith – Social Skills Development
  • Shelia Evans – Kindergarten Readingess

Riley Elementary

  • Mary Lineberger – Lights, Camera, Action. Bringing Broadcast Back to Riley

Rosa Taylor Elementary

  • Millard Jones – Experiences in Playing and Reading Music Through Orff Instruments
  • Alicia Bearden – Media Center Makerspaces

Rutland Middle

  • Tammy Pingrey – AIM-BLE – Advancing Individuals Mathematically through a Blending Learning Environment

Rutland High

  • Julie Scott – Inquiry in Science Experience
  • Daniel O’Neal – Modernization of Science Classroom at Rutland High School
  • Rebecca Morgan – Outdoor Classroom at Rutland High
  • Stacy Bembry – Probing into Physics
  • Marissa Rondina – Real World Interactive Case Studies

Skyview Elementary

  • Kathleen Gettmann – Creating a Makerspace in the Skyview Media Center
  • Rebecca Harmon – Breaking Down Reading

Southwest High

  • Cassandra Ashley – Body Farm
  • Rachid Chafyaay – Classroom Lab

Springdale Elementary

  • Brad Lord – Drumfit
  • Kate Adams – 21st Century Classroom Design
  • Anne Oxford – 21st Century ELA Classroom
  • Jesse Harrelson – Flocabulary
  • Mellisa Sullivan – Orff Musical Instruments
  • Amanda Jones – Library Renovation Design

Union Elementary

  • Sherrod Rockmore – Union Stars Soar to Success Through Front Row

Veterans Elementary

  • Marilyn Reid – Book of the Month (School-wide Project)
  • Tiffany Kirkland – Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Vineville Academy for the Arts Elementary

  • Amy Aspinwall – Hydroponics in the Classroom
  • Christopher Freeman – Lighting Installation for Auditorium
  • Amanda Clark – Let’s Go Walking and Writing
  • Lynne Suarez – Battle of the Books
  • LouAnn Austin – Vineville is Breaking Out!
  • Lehyn Lifsey – ROCK ON ROBOPANDAS!
  • Stanley Messer – ROBO-PANDA-CUBS-IGNITE!!
  • Danielle Bocchino – Building Peace
  • Lee Anna Childs – Full STEAM Ahead!
  • Sarah-Ann Hopper – Math Manipulatives for Second Grade Students
  • Kayla Simpson – Flexible seating for engaged and interactive learning
  • Izabella Izmaylova – 3rd Grade is Rocking
  • Rianna Wade – Flexible Seating for Mrs Wade’s Warriors

Weaver Middle

  • Ginger Gilpin – Instrument Storage
  • Greta Renfus – PBIS

Westside High

  • Cynthia Dennis – CTI (Career Technical Instruction) Transitions for Special Education Students

Williams Elementary

  • Renarta Orr – Making Storybooks Come to Life!!!
  • Geraldine Patterson – Peyton Anderson Academic Growth Mobile Lab
  • Shirley Jordan – STEM

Call the Peyton Anderson Foundation at 478-743-5359 or email Chenza Stokes at [email protected], if you have any questions regarding the Teach to Inspire program.

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